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Морозова Ирина

Oma ceramicа – craft production of ceramics in Russia.

Hello everyone! 😉 My name is Irina Morozova and I am the founder and inspirer of OMA Ceramica. In 2016 a small art ceramics workshop was opened and in the last three years it has grown to a full production circle with a team of talented craftsmen.

In 2019 OMA Ceramica became our family business and has made a huge step forward. Today I’m responsible for the strategic management and development of the company, and my sister Olga is responsible for operating activities. The team is the most important thing in our business.

Welcome to our OMA Ceramica workshop and showroom!



Beginning of december first brand store with designer dinnerware was opened  in Yaroslavl at Respublikanskaya str. 53/14. We would be happy to see you!

The 20th anniversary was celebrated by the restaurant «PENATY» Yaroslavl

The event was celebrated during gala dinner with the specialties from the Chef of the restaurant Oleg Molotov. Our congratulations and warmest wishes!

OMA Ceramica made a batch of dinnerware in the shape of poppy flowers for one of the specialties. This event was one the first one for us in the area of dinnerware renting.


OMA Ceramica took part in an international exhibition PIR Expo 2019 in Moscow. In 2018 the exhibition was a starting line for us and brought us new acquaintances. But this year it became a meeting point with our partners from all over Russia. We are grateful to the PIR EXPO producers, our partners and Export Center of Yaroslavl region for support.

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